Style and Technology
The style

Dream, imagine, and create…Extenzo will always be the faithful servant of your desires. Be it an immaculate ceiling for a living room, a starry sky for a home theatre, or a more practical sales venue. From the simplest expression to the most complex developments; whatever the interior requires - Extenzo can put into practice.
An Extenzo Stretch Ceiling is the epitome of quality architecture and an essential interior decoration – providing the widest range of creative possibilities. With hundreds of colours to choose from in a wide range of finishes and the option of decor digital printing, any space can undergo an immediate transformation. Dare to bring colour into your home, calm to your workplace and create unlimited dynamism in your showroom – it’s all a matter of colour and design.


The ceiling is in place in moments, occupies the space and takes shape.  Simply, flexibly and efficiently. The end result is perfectly clean, the finish is impeccable, and the effect a complete success. The installation of an Extenzo Stretch Ceiling is always a moving experience and the combination of faultless technology.
The strength of Extenzo comes from the originality of its exclusive interlocking system which can be rapidly mounted and dismounted. As a complete and multi-use system, Extenzo comes with hundreds of options, textures and colours, enabling a wide variety of projects.
An Extenzo project is clean, quick and simple - earning Stretch Ceilings an excellent reputation for astonishingly simplified assembly, with premises immediately available for use, following an installation.