How it works

Quick installation and easily removable, each and every ceiling is made to measure at the X-stretch factory.


The installation process is as follows:



  The X-stretch laser measuring tool with electronic data transmission to the X-stretch production site, means that design and forms
can be enormously complex, with an unlimited number of angles and corners.


  Each ceiling is made to measure with hundreds of colours and dozens of textures to choose from and can be dispatched within just 10 days.



  The peripheral structure is set in place by mechanical means on the wall or ceiling. X-stretch has developed a limited number of options in this way, meaning that ordering, stocking and installation are considerably simplified.


  Prior to installation, the thermo-expandable Stretch Ceiling is made supple by slightly raising the temperature of the surroundings for the time needed to lock the anchor into the track. The Stretch Ceiling is automatically tensed as it cools thanks to thermo-retractable design. The ceiling retains its form and the site work is completed without noise, damage or mess.



  • Removal is as simple as installation with no demolition required.

For each and every additional integration - Under Construction is installed to carry the weight of the integration.  The Under Construction is attached to the slab, existing ceiling or sub-frame.  The membrane is installed and a hole is cut out of the membrane to where the integration needs to be placed.

Various types of equipment can be easily accommodated:


Air Conditioning Outlets


Smoke Detectors