X-stretch is the first ISO 9001:2000 trademark in Stretch Ceilings and with all products being is 100% Recyclable
X-stretch commits itself to recycle products sent back by distributors after dismantling on site.  
Internationally, X-stretch has been awarded with the HQE certificate (High Quality for Environment).
HQE certification is a rigorous process where the product is tested throughout its lifecycle.

X-stretch Stretch Ceilings is unsurpassed in these areas with very little water consumed during manufacture, with made to measure products no components are wasted and X-stretch also generates a very low footprint concerning transportation as 1000m2 of stretch ceiling represents only 200kg to transport.

The X-stretch suppliers are all members of the REACH program, all members’ part of this European program commits to never use any possible hazardous content in their products with a concentration higher than 0.1% of the total mass.  The program, which is under very strict control of the European Union, updates the list of hazardous products monthly.